Faculty of Paediatrics, West African College of Physicians (WACP) is one of the 7 Faculties of the College which were created at the same time towards the end of the 1980s.

The Nigeria chapter of the Faculty of Paediatrics, WACP, is the largest of all the Chapter Faculties of Paediatrics, in the West African sub-region.
Presently, the Faculty of Paediatrics (Nigeria Chapter) has about 300 fellows, who have experienced Consultant Paediatricians and leading experts in their fields.


The Faculty of Paediatrics, in line with the vision of the College, aims to produce competent Paediatricians and Child Health specialists, and thereby transform child health care in Nigeria and the sub-region.

Officers of the Faculty
Current Officers:- 2016- 2020
Chairman: - Dr Felix Olukayode Akinbami (FWACP)
Secretary:-  Dr Maxwell Udo Anah (FWACP)
Treasurer:- Dr Nma Jiya (FWACP)

List of past Chairmen, secretaries and treasurers of the Faculty

Start date

End date






 Bede Ibe

Adamu Rabasa




Jacob J Udo

Adamu Rabasa




Kike Osinusi

Ekanem Ekure




Bede Ibe

Austin Omoigberale

Alice Nte




Austin Omoigberale

Olaseinde Eletu

Maxwell Anah

Other offices held (currently or immediate past) in the College and the Nigeria Chapter by Fellows of the Faculty.

+   Chief examiner  -  Olufemi Ogunrinde
+   Faculty Internal assessor -   William Ogala
+   Accreditation Officer  -- Jacob J Udo
+   College treasurer-    Eno Ikpeme
+   Current Nigeria Chapter treasurer- Barbara Otaigbe
+   Training coordinator-  Ifeoma Anochie
+   Quality Control member  - Timothy Adedoyin
+   Advocacy committee representative: Ekanem Ekure
+   Immediate past College president – Ifeoma Egbuonu
+   Immediate past Secretary-General of the College -   Clement Ezechukwu
+   Immediate past Chief examiner       -    Fidelis Njokanma
+   Immediate past Accreditation officer-  Gabriel Ofovwe

Manuwa Lecturers from the Faculty

Dr Raphael Oruamabo - in Awka 2008

Dr Angela Okolo – in Sokoto, 2014

Faculty Committees:

  • Research  & Grant --Sunday Ochigbo;  Nma Jiya;  Oliemen Peterside
  • Welfare    - Drs Seinde Eletu ( chairman); Bafama Alex-Hart (secretary); Wilson Sadoh; Nma Jiya, M Bugaje
  • Advocacy committee representative:  Dr Ekanem Ekure

Other Faculty Activities

The Faculty was in charge of Chapter symposium at the AGSM held in Asaba in 2017. The symposium topic and speakers are detailed below.

Topic: Maternal and child health care: Focus on perinatal and neonatal health for SDG,s

Speakers:  Drs William Ogala; Elizabeth Disu; Robinson Wamanda and Alice Nte

i.  Preconference workshops:

The Faculty has been active in promoting learning and research with its regular workshops and update courses. In Osogbo, in 2012, the Facultyorganized the first pre-conference workshop on new examination formats for both trainers and trainees.

In 2017, in Asaba, the Faculty set the example for other Faculties in the Nigeria Chapter to emulate by organizing a 2-day, pre-conference workshop for trainees and trainers in the Faculty. Since then till date at every Chapter AGSM, a pre-conference workshop has always been organized to update the knowledge and skills of members on various aspects of child health care and postgraduate examination. Below are the titles of the recent workshops in the last 3 years.

-  Asaba- (2017)- The new examination format- a practical approach

-  Kaduna- (2018)- The New curriculum, Training and Assessment formats Proposal and Dissertation writing

-  Abeokuta-(2019)-Learning activities, a practical approach

ii.  Update courses

Update courses in different subspecialties of Paediatrics are conducted yearly in various accredited Institutions for Paediatric postgraduate training.

Below are the most recent update courses organized in some Institutions under the auspices of the Faculty:

-  Neurology in UPTH, Port Harcourt 2018 (Coordinator, Edwrad Alikor),

-  Cardiology in UCH, Ibadan,2019 (Coordinator Samuel Omokhodion)

-  Infectious diseases in UCH, Ibadan 2019. (Coordinator -Regina Oladokun)

-  Endocrinology – to be held in Lagos in 2020.


Departed fellows of the Faculty in the last 2 years. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

2018- Dr Wilfred Kaine; Dr Vidal Nottidge; Dr Nnena Chibuzor; Dr Ogbeide; Dr W. Onugbo

2019- Dr Adeniyi; Dr Alhaji Yahaya Alkali; Dr Orogade; Dr Jerome Elusiyan-